6 Things NOT to Buy on Black Friday 2019!

While Black Friday 2019 is an amazing day to buy things, there are definitely things not worth buying. Don’t make a mistake this Black Friday, watch this video and be informed!

Link to Weighted Blanket I mentioned: https://bit.ly/35pKVOb

**The above contains an affiliate link. If you buy something through this link I may get a small share of the sale. (You’re helping me buy diapers for my new baby, so thank you)

This video is about the 6 things NOT to buy this Black Friday so if you don’t want to waste your money on supposed “savings” then this 6 things not to buy video is for you. Again, these items are on the do not buy list, they are not worth buying, i repeat, NOT worth buying. Do not buy this!

Don’t miss out!

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